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  • Music Teacher

    Known as Mr. B. has been playing music for over 25 years. Mr. B. plays and teaches: acoustic and electric guitar, Oud (lute), an Egyptian oriental instrument, and Tabla. He is also gifted with the ability to sing! Mr. B. has recorded CD’s of instrumental and vocal selections for different churches, musicians, singers, and choirs at his own recording studio. Mr. Shafik was rewarded as the most talented Arab American musician in Washington, DC area by the international Arabic TV channel; ART America. He also performed in many different places; such as the Library of the Congress, Greek, Italian, Egyptian Read more [...]

  • Zagaboo Stories (kid’s presentations)

    James Pettinelli reads one of his published Zagaboo Troll adventures to children, while projecting illustrations from the book onto a large projector screen. The presentation is followed by a guitar-accompanied sing-along, troll dance, and autographed singnings of his books. Ask about items that were used in the Zagaboo adventures that can be purchased separately. James will present his stories at schools, libraries, book stores, and at your home for birthday parties!