About Us


Our Approach

In today’s world, it is easy for parents to be overwhelmed with vast information on the web.  JabberKids will be a one-stop website bringing parents better information and insights to make their lives easier.  JabberKids’ primary goal is to connect parents and help them locate local information on the web including things to do, places to see, and services that cater to kids.  Categories for search will consist of but not limited to activities, places to go, events, and services. In addition to locating resources, JabberKids will also let parents share/exchange personal experiences with other Jabbers through reviews and discussion boards and build their network of friends

Our Story

Jabber Kids started at 2014 with the goal of helping parents find good places, activities, services and events for their kids to enjoy their time all together. We considered both sides, the kids and the parents. We even consider finding and listing places where parents can enjoy their time while their kids are playing or having someone to take care of them.

Jabber Kids started by three parents, but due to some struggles we faced at the beginning, two parents left while one stayed to continue the mission of this service. Our main goal was to have a directory that lists all great places and activities where we can visit and we thought it would be great to share these resources with other parents as well. We started by creating this directory but we still have too many ideas to add to this website to make it the main website for all parents' needs. 

Since we try to serve parents and kids, therefore, the help of all our great members will be always highly appreciated.